Metabolism Booster Pills – Danger!

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metabolism booster pillsMetabolism booster pills that promise to rev up your metabolism, suppress your appetite and help you lose weight fast. The question is: How safe are these weight loss pills?

Generally speaking, the answer is dependent on many factors. For one thing, there are natural products like herbs that are proven to boost your metabolism. Think green tea, certain fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk and whole grains. For another thing, exercise should be part of the package as it is the most proven metabolism booster of all.

However, no matter what you choose as a metabolism booster, you must always check the label so that you are assured the following ingredients are not included/limited in said product. Keep in mind that you want to lose weight fast but you also want to lose it safely. In the end, your health is always the most precious treasure you can have, not a sexy body.


Arguably the most popular metabolism booster in the market in the last few years, ephedra was banned by the Food and Drug Administration for its harmful effects and, hence, must be avoided at all costs. You will not like its side effects – heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, irritability, insomnia, seizures, headaches, heart attack, stroke, and even death.

Unfortunately, its cousins can still be found in some metabolism booster pills that you must also look out for. These chemical substances include ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine, methylephedrine and norpseudoephedrine, any or all of which can be present in the so-called ma huang diet pills. When combined with caffeine, yet another known metabolism booster, the side effects can be worse on the body.


In the mad scramble to find a substitute for ephedra in the wake of its ban, manufacturers came up with another metabolism booster called synephrine. This is extracted from the fruits of the citrus aurantium plant, which is called by names like bitter orange, sour orange, zhi shi and green orange.

It acts similarly to ephedra although fewer side effects are reported by users. When combined with other metabolism boosters like caffeine, its beneficial effects of appetite suppression and slight increase in metabolism can be enjoyed. However, as this substance can also elevate blood pressure and cause heart palpitations, it is highly recommended that doctor approval is secured before consuming pills containing synephrine.

There are other ingredients in the metabolism booster pills available in the market today, which include bladder wrack and Garcinia cambogia, but it is always best to do your research before patronizing these products. You can look to the Internet for scientific resources, join in online forums and discussion, and ask your family and friends about certain ingredients in metabolism-boosting pills.

You will find that doing your research will go a long way towards ensuring that you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively, with the said metabolism booster pills as supplements to help you achieve your goals.


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